Bridgehampton Residence

Located adjacent to Long Pond in the middle of farm country, this 14 acre site offers dramatic views of the fresh water pond looking west at incredible sunsets while also providing open space for preservation. 11 acres of the open space has been preserved using the Peconic Land Trust leaving 3 acres for the residence and site amenities.

We were able to take advantage of the site’s topography to create an exciting pool area with a negative edge pool. The finish of the pool was chosen to match the color of Long Pond thus presenting a seamless visual connection of the pool to the Pond.

The large pool terrace allows the clients to entertain their large family and friends so everyone can enjoy the view. Native plants were used to allow the landscape to blend in with the surrounding area while limiting maintenance needs. The areas in close proximity to the house and pool provide seasonal color and texture which can be managed quite easily.